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WDT8 WashDry Tunnel

With over 14 installations on 3 continents, this tunnel has proven itself as one of the best machines for the washing and drying of lead acid batteries installed on the finishing line. It is the only wash tunnel to wash all 6 sides with brushes as all others only wash 5 sides with spray washing of the underside of the battery. Incorrect drying can also create problems when the batteries are processed through a HiPot (Dielectric) system due to condensation on the exterior of the battery. It also distinguishes itself for the low water and power consumption due to the engineered flow of water and preheating of air through thermodynamics. It is equipped with an automatic system for setting up between battery types. Through the use of inverter controlled vertical brushes, all 4 sides are washed each and every time. A fixed speed horizontal brush positioned above and below are responsible for the cleaning of the top and bottom surface of the battery.

Technical data

General features

  • Automatic Setup between battery types, brushless drive control
  • Washing on all 6 surfaces of the battery
  • AISI 316L Structure and parts
  • Acid Proof Components (PP/PVC/HASTALLOY)
  • Siemens 300 series PLC and SIEMENS OP as HMI
  • pH Control and neutralisation system
  • Recipe system
  • Indexing unit on entrance conveyor
  • History function showing cell per cell dosing quantities per battery
  • QR Code system available and integrated to the HMI

Capacity: upto 8 batteries per minute

Water: Max 300lt per hour at continuous operation

Dimensions: 6500x1180x2200

Weight: 1485kg

Voltage: 3 Phase 400VAC + Ground @ 50Hz

Secondary: 24VDC

Installed Power: 30kW

Pneumatic: 6 Bar





equipment solutions

for a changing world