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VCS10 – Label Control Station

This station is tasked to control that all labels are present on the finished battery prior to palletising for shipment. It is also capable of checking quality of the posts, magic eye and accessories present.


The station consists of panelled booth around the conveyor with energy efficient LED lights providing the ideal lighting conditions for strobing while the photos are being taken.


Using a set of high-resolution cameras connected to a vision control system each battery is indexed into the station, stopped and checked. Once photographed, the battery is released out of the station and in the case of a defect being found, it is expelled onto a reject bench at the station exit.


All photos are archived using a unique identifier to correlate data from the battery to the system so as to allow future checking. All photos are archived locally on the station PC hard drive.

Technical data

General features

  • AISI 304 Structure and parts
  • Acid Proof Components (PP/PVC/HASTALLOY)
  • Siemens S7-1200 series PLC and PC
  • No adjustment between battery types !
  • WINCC PC based system with photo history and AS400 interface
  • Indexing unit on entrance to station conveyor
  • Motorised or pneumatic post brush engines
  • Reject bench

Capacity: 12 batteries per minute

Tester: As per Client wishes

Dimensions: 4100*1900*2000 (l*w*h)

Weight: 420kg

Voltage: 3 Phase 400VAC + Ground @ 50Hz

Secondary: 24VDC

Installed Power: 4kW

Camera: 4 * High Res HD cameras (B&W / Colour)





equipment solutions

for a changing world