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NEPTUNE – Water Bath for AGM and Hybrids

After many successful installations and with a wealth of earned experience, we now present our latest and most advanced water bath, the Neptune series.


From humble beginnings as a stainless steel tank with a pump, some controls and some valves, the Neptune series offers much much more than what is currently on the market. After 2 seasons of a very successful production and after various modifications and changes during that period, we have finally a water bath which not only uses less energy but eliminates the ‘bubbling’ effect so taunted by others. Complete with a water ‘skimming’ process and engineered hydraulics, the NEPTUNE coupled with our DYNAFORM software is now capable of producing DIN standard L2 size batteries in just under 10 hours.


The skimming process as part of the overall process eliminates hot water on the surface of the water column (the most vital area to remove heat especially in AGM applications) and this process is carried out on a set basis with integrated process values.


The hydraulics have been revised and re-developed to eliminate the costly effect of the previous and actual ‘jacuzzi type’ water baths. Based around a Siemens S7-1200 controller, the Neptune is managed as an integrated formation solution as part of  our Water-form Plant Management SCADA application which incorporates, scrubbers,cooling towers and automatic handling of the batteries.


Advanced and energy efficient does not mean expensive, so drop us a line and let us show you how NEPTUNE can change your formation capacity!

Technical data

General features

  • AISI 304 Support Structure and parts
  • EN 1.4404 Stainless Steel tank
  • Acid Proof Components (PP/PVC/HASTALLOY)
  • Siemens S7-1200 series PLC and WEINTEK HMI
  • Integration to Water-form Plant Management SCADA
  • No bubbling available, not even as an option
  • LOWARA/EBARA pump / Metalwork components /Siemens


0.55kW Neptune 4

0.75kW Neptune 8







equipment solutions

for a changing world