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HRV Heat Recovery Ventilation

The VPHR series of Process Heat Recovery units have been specifically designed and engineered for use in lead acid battery manufacturing plants.


These units are manufactured to the highest EU Standards and provide an efficient solution to the waste of energy every hour expelled through your filters and scrubbers. They are characterized by the use of a high efficiency rotary recovery unit with a low load loss. The heat in the expelled air is transferred to the cold air coming into the factory.


The units are designed to be easily installed by your mechanical team and coupled to your existing systems. The financial benefits from these units is immediate and the ROI is considerably short when the outside temperatures are below 5°C for at least 12 hours per day. If needed the units can be equipped with an additional Water to Air exchanger positioned after the main air to air exchanger. Hot water coming from various processes (formation, mould cooling, etc.) can be both cooled and heat the incoming air at the same time reducing the overall running costs of your facility.

Technical data

General features

  • Versions: 6 Standard Models Available – Personalization Possible
  • Structure: Support Structure with insulated Sandwich Panels (50mm).
  • Exchanger: Available in ALU or SS.
  • Radiator: Water to Air heat exchanger available as option
  • Filters: Extractable and installed on the inlet air side. Outlet air side are Class 7 (EN779)
  • Fans: Heavy Duty Industrial Radial Fans with direct or inverter connection
VPHR 6 12 18 26 38 48 62
Max Load m3/h 6200 12400 17600 25800 38600 48200 61600
Installed Nominal Power kW 4 7,5 11 18 28 33 42
Total Recovered Heat kW 37,4 64,6 98,2 122,4 172 245 330 1
Winter Efficiency % 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 1
Total Recovered Cooling kW 8 14 26 32 44 68 84 2
Summer Efficiency % 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 2
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 400V / 3Ph + N / 50Hz





equipment solutions

for a changing world