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HRD6PB – High Rate Discharge Station + Post Brush

This dual station is designed and used for the testing of the batteries on the finishing line. The first station subjects the batteries to a High Rate Discharge similar to the operating conditions found in the automobile and tests the voltage drop and CCA capacity.


The HRD clamps are typically water cooled during high amperage testing (>1800A) and uses industrial water for the cooling. A point to note that given the specific design of the clamps, the complete posts (positive and negative) are sufficiently covered so as not to produce ‘flashing’ on the posts during the test.


The test unit is not our production but we can provide it upon request.


The second station is used to brush the oxidised lead off of the posts after a successful test has been carried out. It accomplishes this by using a bi directional motorised brush head (or pneumatic drill as option) so as to perfectly remove the residue and present a shiny finish to the positive and negative posts.


At the exit of the station, we have a reject bench for failed batteries on the HRD test or incomplete/incorrect post brushing operation. This allows the operator or QC personnel to take an informed decision on what actions are to be carried out.

Technical data

General features

  • AISI 304 Structure and parts
  • Acid Proof Components (PP/PVC/HASTALLOY)
  • Siemens S7-1200 series PLC and WEINTEK HMI
  • Simplified Head Adjustment with lock-on brakes
  • Recipe system with history and SCADA interface
  • Indexing unit on station conveyor
  • Motorised or pneumatic post brush engines
  • Reject bench

Capacity: 6 batteries per minute (HRD Cycle Dependent)

Tester: As per Client wishes

Dimensions: 4100*1900*2000 (l*w*h)

Weight: 820kg

Voltage: 3 Phase 400VAC + Ground @ 50Hz

Secondary: 24VDC

Installed Power: 4kW

Pneumatic: 6 Bar





equipment solutions

for a changing world