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CWTP Cooling Water Plant

This plant is used in conjunction with a formation plant or acid dilution system. While each plant is tailored to suit the clients’ needs and the space constraints on site, all plants share a common task which is to efficiently cool and treat process water in a closed loop system. This is achieved through the use of both our ASCRB Fumes Scrubbers and our ACT Cooling Towers coupled to various storage tanks and process equipment. In extreme cases, we deploy a suitably sized chiller but we lean to engineer out the chillers due to their investment, maintenance and daily running costs in order to provide the client with a more efficient and simplified system.


The CWTP plant also incorporates various secondary systems such as pH control and neutralisation, microSIEMENS (μS) conductivity, micromesh and quartz backwash water filters. The plant is managed through a standard PC running our SCADA app in WINCC.


Overall efficiency is the key factor when deciding on purchasing a water cooling plant.

Technical data

General features

  • Personalised and efficient plant design
  • Use of advanced simulation software to size equipment
  • Acid resistant components where necessary
  • Standard commercial parts used where possible
  • Siemens S7-1500 series PLC and OP






equipment solutions

for a changing world