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BCON Battery Conveyors

The BCON series of conveyors are used where other conveyors dare not venture. Made entirely from EN 1.4404 Stainless Steel and sporting a PP mesh conveyor belt, they are ideal for placing in the formation and finishing area. A wide range of personalisation options are available, even with space constraints. They can be equipped with indexing units, weighing stations, barcode/QR code readers, sensors etc., With a covered stainless steel electrical cable raceway directly underneath, electrical connections are simple and protected from any potential spills.


While we use standard size widths (non-standard available as special order), the length of the conveyor can be personalised to the desired length. Driven by a standard motor/gearbox combination and readily available spare parts, they are designed for a long and lasting lifetime with the bare minimum of annual maintenance. Belt speed can be fixed or regulated through an inverter mounted on-board.


With over 2.8 km of these conveyors built by our team over the years, you can rely on their experience and know-how.

Technical data

General features

  • EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L) A4 Structure and parts
  • EN 1.4301 (AISI 304) A2 optional
  • Acid Proof Components (PP/PolyZene/PVC)
  • Industry standard components
  • Angled bends available 0-90°
  • Bi-directional option with single or twin motor configuration.


Model Belt Type Belt Width Standard Speed
BCON12-2 Heavy Duty Flush Grid 2” 225mm 12 mt/min
BCON12-3 Heavy Duty Flush Grid 2” 300mm 12 mt/min
BCON12-37 Heavy Duty Flush Grid 2” 375mm 12 mt/min
BCON12-4 Heavy Duty Flush Grid 2” 450mm 12 mt/min
BCON1-5 Heavy Duty Flush Grid 2” 525mm 12 mt/min
BCON12-6 Heavy Duty Flush Grid 2” 600mm 12 mt/min
BCON12-8 Heavy Duty Flush Grid 2” 825mm 12 mt/min
BCON12-10 Heavy Duty Flush Grid 2” 1050mm 12 mt/min




equipment solutions

for a changing world