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ASCRB – Automatic Air Scrubber

Designed for use as primarily an air purification filter (through scrubbing) they are also capable of being used as a cooling tower for process liquids. Built entirely from PP and other plastics, our range of scrubbers cover all areas in the battery factory where suspended lead particles in a moist gas are effectively removed and the resulting water corrected to a pH of 7.


All scrubbers designed and constructed by VESOTECH conform to European Health and Safety laws and current emissions laws. Each scrubber is individual to the relevant application and individual client needs. A variety of solutions can be adopted to suit the particular need and budget available ranging from electro-mechanical operation to a full featured process controlled process air filter.


Our scrubbers are designed by us and produced in Italy with our partner company.

Technical data

General features

  • Entire structure in robust PP/PPs
  • Acid Proof Components (PP/ABS/EN 1.44040
  • Siemens S7 1200 series PLC and OP
  • Optional Inverter driven main fan
  • Redundant pump system as standard
  • Optional cooling tower system can be incorporated
  • pH control system and mS (microSIEMENS)
  • Full process logging of real values on the OP with history

Capacity: from 8,000m3/h – 120,000m3/h

Dimensions: As per request

Model Nominal Load (m3/h) Fan (kW) Dimensions (d*h)mm
ASCRB8 8,000 7,5 1800*3800
ASCRB12 12,000 11 1800*4600
ASCRB15 18,000 15 2000*4600
ASCRB25 25,000 25 2000*5200
ASCRB30 32,000 35 2000*5800
ASCRB40 38,000 35 2200*4600
ASCRB45 45,000 45 2400*4600
ASCRB55 52,000 55 2400*5200
ASCRB60 64,000 2*35 2400*5800





equipment solutions

for a changing world